Ecclesiology 101

This Sunday we’re going to be exploring the church and why we exist. We are starting a brand new series on a topic I love…the church.

Now many people have varying opinions about the church. Some think it hasn’t done a lot of good. Some people think it was better years ago. Some people think it won’t last. Some think the church is going to change the world. There is real diversity in people’s opinion on the church. In general I like hearing people’s opinions good, bad, or in-between because you hear their story and experience. But on Sunday what I really want to explore is what is God’s opinion of the church. I want to discover, hopefully together, what this community we call “the church” is all about.

And that’s what we’re going to be exploring on Sunday. What is the church? And what is the church to do from God’s perspective? So we’ll be exploring some scriptures, and stories.

But before we get there on Sunday – what do you think? What are your thoughts? Why does the church exist? What are we called to do? What is our purpose?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and on Sunday I’ll share with you some of mine. But before then let’s both simply ask God and see what he says…

6 thoughts on “Ecclesiology 101

  1. In my simple mind the church exists for a few reasons:
    1) Because God designed it and loves it. He wants his people to gather. He calls it his bride.
    2) To worship God. Yes we can worship God without the gathered church, however we can also have hockey games without gathered crowds. It is just better when we get together. We get to worship God with others because he is GOD.
    3) Some other minor reasons: To encourage one another, spur one another on, to love one another


  2. Acts 2:42
    They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

    PS I guess I should add my last name! Too Many Andrew’s!


  3. Hey Pastor. I look forward to listening to your sermon online. However some questions for you to answer in this sermon series.

    Why do we gather as a church? What is the purpose of the church?

    Hugh Halter in his books “Tangable Kingdom” and “and” speak about the gathering and the scattering of the church. I see the church(people) scattering to make disciples. A disciple can reproduce another disciple.

    So my question is can the gathered church reproduce another disciple? I believe that Like reproduces like. For example, As an accountant I can reproduce or train another accountant. I can not reproduce a writer. Gen my wife can reproduce another great cook! I can not!

    So what should the gathered church reproduce? Should we be reproducing another church?

    I was challenged throughout my university and also most of my career to train up my next leader. Who was going to replace me. When I did this the organization was better off, as well as myself. I pushed myself harder and further.

    So if we are all to be making disciples, or reproducing ourselves what should the church be reproducing?

    Just tell me to bug off if I ask too many questions!


    1. Great questions – I love questions never to many! And first off you are absolutely right that your wife can produce great cooks!

      And I agree that like creates like. Disciples should create disciples. Leaders should reproduce good leaders. And I believe churches should reproduce churches.

      I believe in the Bible we see a pattern of reproduction. Beginning in the beginning with God who says go and multiply and moving right through to the New Testament with a Kingdom that grows and multiplies, and a church that spread in Acts 1:8 (which we talk about in 2 weeks).

      So here’s a quote to mull over from Neil Cole and Organic Church, 93

      “If we cannot multiply churches, we will never see a movement. If we cannot multiply leaders we will never multiply churches. If we cannot multiply disciples, we will never multiply leaders. The way to see a true church multiplication movement is to multiply healthy disciples, then leaders, then church, and finally movements – in that order.”

      So maybe we begin with disciples and let God move us from there. Maybe that’s why we gather as disciples to be part of something larger (like you said that its better when we gather together) to support, care, worship God together and then be sent back out together.

      But those are just some of my thoughts!


  4. Thanks Pastor. That is a good summary. I like the quote from Neil Cole, it really helps. I knew we hired the right guy for our church!

    I am now going to listen to your message……. maybe more comments to come!


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