41yQKD2fvXLWrestling with the Word: How Wrestling With The Bible Can Help You Find A Deeper Truer Faith

Join Andrew as he shares with you how wrestling with certain aspects of Scripture can actually drive your faith deeper. This book is part personal journey, Biblical exploration and also an invitation to transformation.

Andrew wrestles with some difficult stories such as why there is a tree in the Garden of Eden, why Jesus seems racist in an encounter in Matthew and why David’s Mighty Men risk life and limb to get him a glass of water that he just empties on the ground.

The point isn’t to blunt the struggles and tensions in Scripture. Instead, the point is to show that this is a book that requires wrestling.

So join with Andrew as he wrestles and struggles with some stories in Scripture. And as you do see how the struggle might shift your story as well.

~ There is no faith without struggle. But not all struggle is bad and not all struggle is wasted. ~

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