Perspectives Change Everything

Isn’t it amazing how two people can experience the same thing and interpret it differently? Isn’t it remarkable how different perspectives shape and change actions?

As with many of my posts – I’ve learned this from my son Hudson. Today we were going out to play at a park. And Hudson is now in the stage that he likes to dress himself. This is what he chose to wear: Shorts, T-Shirt and an owl toque worn backwards. With that, he decided to pare one rubber boot, and one of mommy’s shoes.

My first reaction, or perspective, was to tell him no, was to force him to change and wear something more normal. But then my attitude, and my perspective changed. What’s the harm in what he’s wearing? I can bring a pair of shoes for him to change into. And all of a sudden I had this thought, what would I be saying no to? Wouldn’t I be saying no to him being creative, independent, choosing, and being excited about his choices? Is this what I want to communicate to my son? Or do I want to give him a safe place to make choices, encourage his creativity, and empower his independence. One thing is clear, I think about things way too much.

But I think the point remains. The perspective you bring to any situation will shape that situation. How you see and frame what’s happening around you matters. I could force Hudson into my view of normal, or allow him to experiment and create. The difference is our perspective.

So today when situations arise, good or bad, as they always do, ask yourself what’s driving your decisions. What perspective is shaping your choice? Why do you feel the way you do and what is really driving your decision? And who knows you might end up changing your choice.

And in case you’re wondering, our backwards wearing hat, rubber booted, and “big shoed” little boy had a great time at the park. And so did I…