My Top 10 Lessons I’ve Learned…Part 1

Here are my top ten lessons I’ve learned this year. To hear the expanded explanation download my sermon from Sunday here.

Here are a few of the first fun ones, and the list gets more serious as it goes.

Lesson #10: God Loves Top 10 Lists

This is pretty self-explanatory. Just go check out the original top ten list…the 10 Commandments. Looks like God invented it, not David Letterman.

Lesson #9: Laughter is Good For the Soul

Proverbs talks about how laughter feeds the soul. This is true, so go and watch something funny. Get together with friends and laugh. You’ll feel better. And now you know that laughter is a spiritual thing, and a Godly thing.

Lesson #8: God Loves Coffee

Now this is hard to prove biblically because the Bible really never mentions coffee. But I think if you’ll notice how many great God conversations happen over coffee you’ll need to agree that God must love it then. I’m pretty sure the logic is infallible, much like God.

Lesson #7: We can Find God in Creation

This year I learned how close you can feel to God when you recognize him in creation. Whether that’s being in awe of mountains, feeling the tranquility of a quiet lake, or the beauty of a sunset we can see God revealed in creation. This year more than most I’ve found myself feeling close to him simply in awe of his handiwork.

Lesson #6: We can Find God in Others

Since we’re all made in the image of God we have the potential to reveal God. This is really what my posts entitled “Where I Saw Jesus This Week…” are about. They’re about finding God in the everyday, and that’s become clear to me this year. God is not distant but waiting to be discovered in our midst.

Tomorrow I’ll post the next 3. But for now – which lessons resonate with you?

Which ones has God taught you as well this year?

Shine Like Stars…

Wouldn’t it have been cool to see the star in the sky that drew the Magi to Jesus? This great light that literally seemed to beckon these people to come and find this new-born boy in a manger. A star that drew people to discover new life, hope, and meaning.

But what if that’s still a possibility? What if it still happens? What if stars are still drawing people to God right now even as you read this?

And no they aren’t up in the sky – but they are all around us. They’re in the people we know and see.

Paul writes in Philippians 2:15 that people can shine like stars. That people, when they chase after God, are connected to him, hold onto the truth of him, and let Jesus guide their lives, become living stars.

Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

That your life and the way you live could become a living star for people around you guiding them to find Jesus. That your life can be a bright light, a star in the night, a break in the darkness. That you, this Christmas season, can be the star that guides people home to Jesus to discover new life, love, and hope.

You can shine like a star.