Saying “All Done”

I blog a lot about my little boy Hudson. This is because he is a huge part of my life. The other reason is because I learn so much from him. Jesus says that little children can teach us about his Kingdom. And Hudson did that today.

I think we all struggle between often not doing really bad things, but just doing okay things. We often choose to do things that are urgent, but maybe not important. You might not make the terrible choice, but instead settle for a rhythm of regular or okay choices. Hudson taught me this today.

I was trying to send off some emails before work, and to get a jump on the day. And Hudson was running around. All of a sudden he runs up to me, shuts the laptop, hands me a book, and says “all done”. He then grins, snuggles up to me, and says “sit” and “again” which means to read his book again. So that’s what we did.

What a good reminder though. That sometimes we need to say “all done” to the stresses of life, to emails, to outside pressures, so we don’t miss what’s important right in front of us. For me that was a little boy running around in his diaper wanting to be read stories. But for you maybe it’s spending time with your spouse. Maybe it’s connecting with a friend. Maybe it’s getting some alone time for yourself reading, walking, or a good cup of coffee.

But my challenge to you today is to say “all done” to something good, and spend that time on someone great.