How Does Jesus Actually Save Us?

Well come Sunday we are going to be talking about one area of theology that has had the most discussion. It’sOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA called Soteriology – the study of salvation. And specifically we are going to be examining what is called “Atonement Theories”. These are explanations for how Jesus’ death and resurrection actually saves us. If the question is “how are we saved” ~ atonement theories try to give us some answers.

Here’s the thing though that is interesting: there is no standard answer.

The early church in the creeds developed lots of theology around Jesus, the Trinity, and lots more. But there is no standard, all encompassing, or definitive statement. What all Christians believe is that it is through Jesus Christ that we are saved. How this actually works is where there is lots of discussion.

So we want to wade into this discussion and go over some of the different alternatives, viewpoints, and theories. The hope through this is that not only will we come to a better understanding of how Jesus saves us, but that we might continue to be saved and transformed by Jesus.

So before we get there why not give this some thought. How does Jesus’ death and resurrection actually save us? And come Sunday I’ll give you my best answer

Lenten Reflections: Stations of the Cross 12

Station 12: Jesus Dies on the Cross

Written Reflection:

Jesus breathe becomes slow and ragged. He cries out in a loud voice, “Father into your hands I commend my spirit”. And his drops heavily onto his chest, and his spirit and body shudder and Jesus dies. Look up to him hanging on the cross. Look up see the pain, the hurt, the disgrace. Look up and see our salvation. As you look share with him any of your deepest fears, needs, or hurts. Because this is a God who understands loss, hope, pain, and hurt. Share with our savior