Where I Saw Jesus this Week…

I know as a profession pastors tend to read into things. We say things like – “that parking spot was from the Lord”. I’ve heard those stories, you’ve probably heard those stories, and I’ve actually shared some of those stories. And today’s post might be a bit like that. But I’m okay with it. And at the risk of reading too much into something, here is where I saw Jesus this week.

I saw Jesus in saying grace around our dinner table.

I have started to notice something in my little boy Hudson, who is almost two. He is normally very busy, running, jumping, and oh so much climbing. We can barely get him to sit, and he doesn’t like being cuddled. He is too independent and wants to run.

But all of this changes when we say it’s time to say grace. We, as our little family of 3, hold hands and pray. And his eyes light up, he’s quiet, he smiles through the whole thing, and often at the end claps or sometimes says goodbye. Maybe he thinks prayer is like the phone where you hang up. It is a special moment in our house.

And I know some people out there might point out that he gets excited because he knows he’s going to get to eat. And that it’s simply a conditioned response to being able to have food…Perhaps…But maybe there is more to it, and maybe, just maybe, that parking spot is from God.

I know you can see this little grace routine differently. But for me I can’t help but see Jesus in it, as Hudson lights up, claps, holds our hands, and says bye bye at the end. So I found Jesus in grace with my Son…where did you find him this week?

2 thoughts on “Where I Saw Jesus this Week…

  1. Hi Andrew, I want to share with you where I saw Jesus this week. I have been struggling with sinus issues for years alot of face pain and head pain. The docotrs were treating me for sinus infection so I was sent to and ear,nose and throat specialist. She did a cat scan and told me my sinuses are fine but I have a spur on my septum {which is the middle bone inside your nose}.This causes pressure changes to the sinuses and and thus creating the pain.And there is something called contact point headaches that she thinks I have been suffering from. So I will have to have surgery to correct this . I am seriously thinkng about it having it done. But where God showed up is by me praying for an answer and finally getting one.I know that I know that I know it was a direct answer from Him. Praise His Name.I would also like to take some time and sit down and have a chat with you one day. I am leaving Sunday for a week in Cuba with Barb Davie so I will call you when I am back and set up a time. Thanks Bev


    1. It is wonderful to find God in an answer to prayer; when we know, that I we know, that we know it was him giving it. And I’d love to get together for a coffee sometime soon. We’ll be in touch – enjoy cuba!!


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