We Are to Be Sent ~ #missional

This upcoming Sunday we are going to be talking about movement.

Many things are based on movement, and momentum. For example, it’s almost impossible to learn to ride a bike if its not moving. Moving is part of its nature. The same applies to the church. The church is a movement. Part of its very nature is to grow, expand, and move.

So on Sunday we are going to explore the sent nature of the church. How just as God sent his son, he is now sending his church.

The question for us is where is God sending you?

We often think of “where” God is sending us. We focus on maybe going overseas, or on short-term missions, on being sent somewhere else. But we no longer need to go across an ocean to find people who need Jesus in their life. They are all around us. They are our neighbors, our co-workers, our family, and our friends. Now people of each tribe, nation, and religion are coming to live in and with us. So the question then isn’t “where” God is sending us; but to whom.

Who is God sending you to bless? Who is God sending you to give life?

Is it the person across the street, one cubicle over, or that friend at zoomba?

Because the church is meant to be on the move, we are sent to be a blessing. Not only across the sea but also across our street, backyards, and offices.

So who is God sending you to? Because make no mistake he does want to send you…

2 thoughts on “We Are to Be Sent ~ #missional

  1. My mission field is here in my own town.
    Sometimes mistaken by me to mean my office.
    Funny you should mention it.
    I signed up for a Zoomba class I didn’t want to go to.
    There in the back row, a young lady having a hard time finding a friend.
    Just so happens.


    1. Isn’t that funny? Often I find when I decide to follow God, and to be sent, these random occurrences much like that happen. But when they do I’m always reminded of a C.S. Lewis quote that with God there are no chances, because God is orchestrating, opening doors, and creating connections. Like at zoomba classes.


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