Building Altars

Today I got to my office and heard a siren going off. The only odd part was the siren was coming out of my laptop bag.

In it I found this red fire-truck.

Hudson, my little boy, must have placed it there for me to take to work. He often takes toys to daycare, so maybe he thought I’d like to play firetrucks at work (which coincidentally I do enjoy doing).

But it got me to thinking about altars. Yes I know an odd jump but not that odd for me, just ask my wife. In Genesis we find people building altars to God consistently. And part of the reason for building altars was to remember. They were visual reminders of God. They physical visual reminders of God’s faithfulness. They were objects that reminded people that God was with them.

Much like fire-trucks.

This little fire-truck reminded me of my son, how he cares for me, and made me feel close to him even though physically we were far apart.

So maybe building altars and fire-trucks aren’t that different.

My challenge to you then today, or this week, is to build an altar in your life. Find something physical, something meaningful, and something deliberate to remind you of God. Place it someplace prominent in your life. Maybe on your desk, maybe on your counter, or taped to your mirror. But find an object and make an altar to God to remind you daily that you are not alone, God is with you, God is faithful, and God is close to you even if you feel far apart.

For me, if you haven’t guessed, my altar will be a little red fire-truck with a siren…

3 thoughts on “Building Altars

  1. I create Biblical passwords as reminders of God. It’s a great way to remember him throughout my day because I’m constantly typing in passwords for my work.


    1. Wow that’s a great idea that I never had thought of. Who would have guessed that password and fire trucks could be altars – but they can be.


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