The Kingdom of God is Like a Party?

If you were to describe God’s Kingdom in one word what would it be?

Take a moment and actually think about it. If a friend were to come up to you and say, “I’ve heard about this Kingdom of God – what’s it really like?” How would you choose to describe it? What picture would you paint?

In Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – Jesus consistently shares a picture of God’s Kingdom that is compelling, inviting, and challenging all in one. He says God’s Kingdom is like a party.

That’s right, a party. Think about it – Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding. He says often that the Kingdom of God is like a party, a feast, a wedding, or a celebration. For Jesus, a good picture of the Kingdom is a party, great get-together, or a celebration.

What a great picture.

The question is – “What is it about a party that reveals God’s Kingdom?”

That’s what we’re going to explore on Sunday. But I’d love your ideas and thoughts ahead of time! Comment or email me.

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