Welcome to Lent…

This Sunday we’re diving into Lent. We are going to be starting a 4 week sermon series examining betrayal. I know it sounds dark, and maybe it is, but the truth is that in our lives we have all experienced it, in some way, at some time. Maybe we’ve been betrayed. Maybe we’ve betrayed someone. Maybe we’ve stood by and let a betrayal happen. The question is not only how should we respond, but how does Jesus respond to betrayal? How does he respond to us?

So that’s what I want to explore over the next few weeks. Discovering how we can heal after betrayal, how Jesus responds to it, how we as a community can prevent it, and how you can bless those who betray you. Deep stuff, but important I think as well. Not all of life is easy, and in Lent we reflect on that reality. Sometimes the deep and difficult stuff is the most worthwhile stuff to actually work through. That’s what Lent is about: slowing down, examining yourself, and reflecting on Jesus’ sacrifice. So that’s where we’re going on Sunday.

The beauty is that when we honestly open up space to discuss the deep stuff of our life, healing can happen. So this Sunday we begin to discover how we can find light in the midst of the dark, because that’s what the life of faith is about…

Hope you can join us.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Lent…

  1. sounds great andrew…i think we have all been betrayed. should be an interesting look into how Jesus responded to betrayal. challenging personally.


  2. Yeah I think its something we’ve all experienced but I find it amazing how Jesus responds to it ~ how different groups respond to it ~ and how we can too. So as odd as it may sound I’m really looking forward to exploring this idea because I find it personally challenging too


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