Evaluating and Judging God’s Bride

Something recently has occurred to me. Often after Sunday’s service I ask Krista, “How did it go today?” Or more honestly, “How did I do?” And I’ve started to notice something. That those types of questions don’t seem to help my soul, and my connection with God. As I’ve become aware of this, I’ve started to notice, as well, that often after any service people ask these types of questions:

  • How was the service today?
  • What did you think of the sermon?
  • What was the worship like this morning?
  • How did it go?

But did you notice something in those questions? They all create distance between us and “the church” or the community.

These type of questions put us in a stance above or beyond what was happening by creating space for us to judge, evaluate, or critique. These questions pull us out of community to evaluate rather than driving us deeper into community to create and connect. While I personally want to pursue excellence each and every Sunday these types of questions don’t lead to excellence, because they negate relationships. They lead to distance, space, coldness, and critique rather than healthy engagement, relationship, creativity, and community connection.

So I’ve decided to ask different questions after each and every Sunday. Now I don’t ask “How did I do”. But instead “What did God do this morning?” Instead of critiquing I search for God’s involvement. This has led to a big difference. Now I often ask Krista these questions:

  • How did you and others sense and discover God today?
  • Were you engaged and ready to hear God speak?
  • What surprised you and spoke to you?
  • How did you contribute to your community today?
  • What is God asking you to do out of your connection this morning?

Do you see the difference? I think that difference is important because it reminds us we’re all in this together.

So this Sunday on the drive home rather than asking, “What did you think?” Ask a different question and discover a different way to look at community. My theological hunch is that going into a service searching for God, for how you can contribute, and connect will change not only the service for you but for others as well.

So this Sunday go expecting to meet God rather than to judge his bride and see how it changes you and your community…

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