Come to Christ, not just the Church

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we present Jesus. I’ve really noticed something of late.

What I’ve noticed is how much of our language focuses on “church” as the destination. That people are seeking to get others to go to this church service, program, speaker, worship event, etc. There is nothing wrong with any of these things, in fact, I think they are important. But we must be clear, the goal of life is not to get people to go to church, but to go to Christ.

That’s where the disconnection happens, because theologically you never go to church; as a Christian you are the church. You bring church with you. Our message needs to be, come to Christ and become part of the church. Our message is come to Jesus and join the adventure of following Christ together. Our message is good news to all. The church has the amazing role and responsibility of sharing that message. But the church shouldn’t transcend  or replace the message.

So all I’m saying is, the church is important, but it’s important only because of Jesus Christ. So when you invite a neighbor to church don’t stop there. Make sure you invite them to discover Jesus as well. Because the amazing thing is that once someone comes to Jesus, they become the church wherever they are…

4 thoughts on “Come to Christ, not just the Church

    1. Hopefully it helps to remind people we don’t go to church; we are the church, a people dedicated to Jesus Christ.


  1. Always a good reminder! We are the church. Jesus said, “I am The Way…” HE is the way, not the place, as I like to think. In discipling, relating with each other first is a good first step. ~ blessings2u, Andrew.


    1. That’s a great point. Jesus isn’t a place, he’s a person. He’s the way and relating needs to come first and foremost. Grace and peace Christine!


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