“Daddy are you a Princess?”

A couple of weeks ago my almost 3 year old came up to me and said, “Daddy can I brush your hair?” Being a good dad and wanting to spend time with my son I said, “Of course buddy”

So he started to brush my hair, with a plastic saw of course. And then he turned to me and said, “Daddy are you a princess?” At which point I said, “I don’t think you should brush my hair anymore.”

Hudson, just from brushing my hair at 3 years old, made the associative leap to me being a princess. Even though he was brushing my hair with a plastic saw from his tool set the very action of brushing hair reminded him of “princesses”. I think he’s picked this up from his daycare and the five year old girl who is there with him. But what’s the point, other than that Hudson is never brushing my hair again?

The point is this: that certain behaviors get associated with certain types of people.

The simple act of brushing hair reminded Hudson of a princess. The thing I was thinking about as I walked to work today was what types of actions get associated with Christians? Or the more difficult question, “do my actions get associated with Jesus Christ?”

What I mean is this: do my friends, neighbours, and enemies (and maybe especially enemies) associate me with Jesus because of how I live? Would my lifestyle have anyone stop and ask, “Andrew do you follow Jesus?” Hudson stops and asks “Dad are you a princess” because of one action. But would anyone else stop and ask me if I follow Jesus because of all of my actions?

This is the question that really stopped me today, and made me think and reconsider how I live. Do people associate me with Jesus because of how I live and if they don’t, are there changes I need to make?

So for me that’s what I’m thinking about today. Are there any changes I need to make so that my life looks more Jesus-like? Does anyone actually stop and ask me about following Jesus because of how I’m living? What can I do to better follow Jesus? And maybe those are some questions worth for you to think about today too. Do your co-workers know you follow Jesus because of how you live? What about friends, hockey teammates, and family?

So that’s where I’m at today, thinking about what my actions say about me. Because the truth is this, that because of my actions I’d rather people be asking me if I’m a Jesus follower rather than a princess…

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