Christmas Eve, Candles, and Traditions…

1409260_26919826I love tradition. I know some people don’t, but I do. The feeling of continuity, of depth, of history gives some things extra meaning. For me that is especially true tonight because my family has a tradition of going to Christmas Eve services.

There is something beautiful about the carols, the stories, and the candles. Christmas Eve doesn’t need to be a big show, there is power in the simplicity of the story of Jesus’ birth. So tonight that’s what we get to celebrate.

In our family the tradition was that on Christmas Eve my dad and my mom would lead the Christmas Eve service together. It was something special they did together each year. In fact, it was the only service they co-lead usually each and every year. The reason that this tradition matters to me is that now my wife and I get the honor of leading a Christmas service.

We will sing carols, we will long for Jesus to come, we will read the Christmas story in all of its simplicity and grandeur. We will light candles to remind us that on Christmas the Light of the World came into the dark. This is something we need to be reminded of each and every year. So if you’d like to join us it’s at 7:00-8:00 here at the church.

This is the tradition of our family to go, sing, and light a candle. But if I can make a challenge to you today. Maybe it’d be worth starting a tradition of your own to create some meaning, depth, and history for your Christmas. Start something that will give meaning to this time of the year each year. Start something that will give depth and create great memories. Start something you can pass onto your kids, grandkids, or family. Maybe it’s going to a Christmas Eve service, sharing stories, creating something as a family, or any other number of things.

But this is the year to start a good tradition, or to keep up time-honored ones. Because  for me I won’t be starting a new tradition…but carrying on an old one.

Leading a Christmas Eve service just like my dad would…Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve, Candles, and Traditions…

  1. One of my favourite things is seeing the reaction of the little ones the year they first understand the Christmas story. One year as we took the children down to dress for their part in the Christmas Eve pantomime, one little girl who had just listened to the pastor talk about the Christmas story told me that if Jesus was born now they would not have to stay in a stable because her family had a pull out couch in the basement and her mommy and daddy would let them stay there. She was so sincere and it reminded me that Christ wants us to be open to receiving him and sharing what we have with others. Wishing everyone a merry Christmas!


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