Finding and Seeing God in the Midst of a Mess

Bob Goff is a really brilliant guy. He’s the type of brilliant person who writes short simple sayings that are really deep. Here is a tweet he shared the other day:

“When we keep asking God to show up at places He’s already at, He isn’t mad, He probably just figures we didn’t recognize Him”

This really got me thinking…

How often am I asking God to show up somewhere and he already is but I don’t have eyes to see it? How often am I missing Jesus all around me?

And as I started to reflect on those questions I realized…I’m missing him probably more than I should…

The reality is that in really difficult situations, relationships, and even places, it can be hard to find God. When life is messy we ask God to show up, but the way God shows up in a mess isn’t to clean it up. The way God shows up in a mess is to enter into it and to start changing it from the outside. This type of involvement is slow, it is subtle and it is the most powerful.

This is really seen during Christmas which we just past. The world was broken, it was a mess, and people asked God to show up. So he did in the person of a baby, in the forgotten place, mostly alone and definitely in the dark.

The point is that we are often asking God to show up when he might already be there, working from within, and giving glimpses of grace. So for me personally I’ve moved from asking God to show up, to asking God to give me eyes to see him. That little difference has made all the difference…now I’m not waiting in God’s absence, I’m searching for his presence

4 thoughts on “Finding and Seeing God in the Midst of a Mess

  1. Bob Goff is my newest, favorite writer for the reasons you set out. Your thoughts remind me of the saying, “Not all who wander are lost.” I just had a conversation with someone after a small group last week about knowing (or not knowing) God’s presence. If I believe God is IN everything, then most likely he’s involved in the life of each of us during those messy times, those unforgiveable seasons, those pre-saved times So That we recognize him when His grace moves in. ~ peace and blessings!


    1. I love that saying “not all who wander are lost”. Sometimes wandering is part of the journey. That’s really true that if God is IN everything, then he’s even in the places that I think he’s not. I really like that idea of recognizing him “when his grace moves in”. Its a beautiful way to put it. Grace and peace!


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