Lenten Reflections: Stations of the Cross, Station 9

Station #9: Jesus falls for the third time…

Written Reflection:

Jesus falls for a third time. This last fall he can barely move. His body shudders at each moment. Agony shoots throughout his limbs. The soldiers know he cannot carry the cross any more, and they drag him forward. This man who gave life everywhere – who healed the blind, cured the sick, and set free the oppressed…slowly his life is being drained by the cross…slowly he is dying. This depth of brokenness reveals the completeness of the love of Jesus Christ. He is this broken, this bruised, this devastated so that we might be made whole and healed. His love compels his actions, but the weights of our sin drag him down. As you reflect on this image offer thanks to Jesus for his love, and confess your own sin and brokenness that brought Jesus there…

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