Crayon Coloured Bible Stories

On Sunday we are starting a new series called “Crayola Bible Stories” for the summer. What we are going to be looking at are those stories that we tend to teach kids, but don’t really look at ourselves. Those stories that we might have an idea of them, but haven’t really filled them fully in with all the amazing details, and directions that they give us. So we are going to be looking at stories like Noah, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, and Moses.

The reality is these stories weren’t give to us to just teach kids, but to change our lives. So we are going to be deeply exploring some of these stories pulling out new insights that will shape how we follow God.

So this whole series is starting with Noah. So brush up on your ancient history, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and we’ll discover how you are to make it through disaster.

But before we get there what Old Testament story would you love to hear teaching on and why? Let us know and who knows maybe in the future it’ll make it in!

Crayon Coloured Bible Stories

2 thoughts on “Crayon Coloured Bible Stories

    1. Yeah I’m really looking forward to it. When I was prepping the sermons I realized how much I thought I knew, and how little I actually knew these stories 🙂 So I’m excited about it!


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