What does the Father Look like?

tb4ff34_erschaffung_adams_092006On Sunday for Father’s Day we are going to be looking at one topic: who our heavenly Father is. And this is such a crucial thing, because if our picture of the Father is off, our lives will be off as well. And so many of us have deep-seeded feelings that deep down God is vengeful, angry, or waiting to punish. But this is not the Father revealed by Jesus Christ.

So on Sunday we are going to spend some time exploring who the Father is from Jesus. And hopefully for those of us who are dads, this will make us better dads. But more importantly, for all of us who follow Jesus, we might be able to live better lives.

So before we get there on Sunday – why not take a look at these passages because these are the passages we’ll be exploring to discover who the Father is.

  • Matthew 18:12-14
  • Matthew 7:7-11
  • Luke 6:35-36
  • Luke 15


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