Is Jesus God or is Jesus…Jesus?

question-markI’ve found that my 4 year old has a way of asking theological questions that are both complex, and completely obvious. He asks the questions that I often just take for granted.

Like last week we were driving home after daycare, and I was listening to a sermon in the car. And Hudson stops me and ask this question, “Dad…Is Jesus God, or is Jesus…Jesus”. And right away he gets to the heart of a difficult but true thing that I don’t think many of us get. Because the answer to his question is yes. Yes Jesus is God, but Jesus is also…Jesus. Hudson was trying to understand, are Jesus and God the same (the answer is yes), but is Jesus also Jesus distinct from God (the answer is also yes).

This confused Hudson to no end, because it is confusing, because I was trying to explain the Trinity to a 4-year old. This is the heart of the trinity where we have one God (Jesus is God), but three persons (Jesus is Jesus distinct from the Father and Spirit).

My point isn’t to resolve or explain Trinitarian theology in a short blog post. My point is actually much broader than that. What my 4 year old is teaching me is that I need to dive deeper into my faith and understanding. He is pointing out obvious questions that I think we need to wrestle with that have implications for our faith. I think because we are so “comfortable” with Christianity that we stopped asking some of the obvious questions that matter.

Here are just some Hudson has asked me in the past month:

  • Is Jesus God or is Jesus…Jesus?
  • If Jesus died on the cross did God die then too?
  • If Jesus is always with me why can’t I see or hear him?

These are all questions that matter, questions that are worth thinking about, questions that should drive us deeper into faith. So my whole point of this post is really simple: what questions about faith should you be asking and wrestling with? Which ones have you maybe overlooked? Which ones are just accepted but not really understood for you? And how can you start to learn and grow? Because asking questions, searching for answers, praying, and searching the Scriptures is part of the quest of faith and growing with God. And if you don’t have any questions that’s okay, just spend some time with Hudson and he will soon have one for you J

2 thoughts on “Is Jesus God or is Jesus…Jesus?

    1. Yes its amazing what kids can come up with, they are like little sponges processing and taking it all in – all the time 🙂


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