What’s Your River, Obstacle, or Challenge?

1445165_51775350This Sunday we are looking at how to do you get out of “Plan B” times. You know the times where life seems to fall apart, where Plan A is long gone, where you’re not sure how to move forward.

We are going to be discovering how to find the next step to take to start to move back in the right direction.

The difficulty is that the step we are all asked to take is often into a raging flood. It’s a difficult step, into a fearful situation. But we are going to be looking at Joshua and how God moves in his life to lead him forward.

But before we get there, feel free to read Joshua 1-2 ahead of time,and I have a question for you. What obstacle are you facing in your life? What is the difficulty you are facing right now?

For Joshua he was facing a river that blocked his way to the promised land. What is it for you? A job, a relationship, a health challenge, an uncertain future, what? Are there any obstacles before you? Spend some time reflecting on where God is calling you, and what seems to be stopping you.

And then come on Sunday we are going to see how not only can we overcome obstacles, but how God can do miracles. How he can give us the next step to take, and bring us to our promised land. And that is something worth finding out.

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