What is Faith?

1264648_14417319This Sunday we are looking at the topic of faith. And we want to peel back some of the misconceptions about faith. Because the most common answer to “What is faith” is: belief.

But I don’t think that answer is helpful, healthy, or even all that biblical.

  • Because if faith is belief – what happens to it when you doubt?
  • Because if faith is belief – what happens if you believe the wrong things, or have been taught the wrong things?
  • Because if faith is belief – does it matter how you act as long as you believe?

These are some of the difficulties with “faith as belief”

So that’s what we want to explore and clear up on Sunday, by looking at Hebrews 11. Hebrews 11 is the classic chapter on faith, but it presents a different view of faith that differs from “faith as belief”

So that’s where we are going, but before we get there why not read Hebrews 11 yourself. It’s a great chapter, and it’s one that not only is about faith, but asks us to put our faith into practice. Which as it will turn out, is what faith is all about.

2 thoughts on “What is Faith?

  1. The Protestant Reformers said that faith is not just notitia (understanding and being able to articulate certain propositional statements) and assensus (intellectually assenting to those statements), but also fiducia (trusting yourself to those statements, or living as though they were actually true).


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