A Suffering God and the Cause of Suffering

1302970_23184595I read this a little while ago, and it’s stayed with me. It deserves a lot of unpacking, but first it deserves some time sitting with it, thinking it through, and wrestling with it.

Paul Fiddes in his book, “Participating in God”, says this:

“Belief in a suffering God forbids us to structure any theological argument where God directly causes suffering.”

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “A Suffering God and the Cause of Suffering

  1. He said, you will have trouble, and you will suffer.
    He does not cause the suffering, He may allow it. Suffering comes from self, persecution, and others, not God.


    1. I agree with you very much – that God isn’t a source of suffering – but following God doesn’t mean you won’t encounter any suffering


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