An indifferent church isn’t a church


I read this quote a little while ago, and just couldn’t agree more. I have lots of thoughts on it, lots of ideas how this should shape us. But I think my thought’s will convolute the power of this simple quote. So all I would say is this: we should read this thought, and let it drive us into action because its true.

If a local Church falls into indifference as to what is going on in the rest of the world, it is certainly not a Church. John D. Zizioulas



2 thoughts on “An indifferent church isn’t a church

  1. The most common expression of this indifference I encounter in churches is understanding ministry mobilization to equal recruiting people to contribute to the church’s programs. While church programs are a wonderful expression of Kingdom work, they are not the primary one. The main focus of mobilization should be to help people see the sphere of their everyday life as their man arena for ministry, and to them equip them for and encourage them in that ministry. Happily, this is not a zero-sum game; people “switched on” for mission in daily life are also far more likely to volunteer their spare time for church work.


    1. Yes I totally agree. Its not a zero-sum game, but when people focus on the Kingdom so much more happens. The Kingdom is much much bigger than just church programs, and when people join in on partnering with God in their everyday life – they are not only much more likely to volunteer and serve but actually be effective in it.


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