Compassion leads to…Action leads to…change…

This Sunday I want to explore something that is quite personal to me. My feelings and motives. I want to explore the idea how when we feel like Jesus we end up acting like Jesus.

In our journey following Jesus, it’s when we actually start to feel like him that we are moved to become like him. When our heart, desire, and emotions are shaped by God then we end up responding to those situations like God would. This is where the prayer “God let my heart break over the things that break your heart” stems from. When our heart breaks over the same things that break God’s heart that is simultaneously a difficult place to be and the only place we should want to be; because then our actions will represent God when at our core they have the heart of God.

This is what I want to explore next Sunday through a story of Jesus and the feeding of the 5000. But before we get there maybe start to explore this reality through your own story.

  • When have you impacted / acted like Jesus prompted by a Jesus like heart?
  • When has someone else changed / impacted you because they acted out of a heart moved by God?
Because it’s my belief that our lives get changed because of people who have a heart like God and then act on it. If this has been true in your life, share it through a comment below or you can simply email me.
For the rest of this week though focus on feeling like Jesus would and let that guide your actions…

2 thoughts on “Compassion leads to…Action leads to…change…

  1. Good challenge Pastor Andrew. I’m always amazed how God works when we submit in weakness, and allow our own awkwardness to be used for His purpose.


  2. Very true!! And thankfully he does use us – even if some of us, like myself, feel awkward and shy at times. God’s gracious.


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