Following Leads to Becoming…

Yesterday I shared a bit on how Jesus invites regular and ordinary people to follow him. Through that invitation he is actually inviting us to become like him. When you follow someone you become like them. And Jesus has invited each of us to follow him to become like him and invite others on the same journey.

I ended with challenging us to invite people to follow Jesus; and also to recognize, affirm, and encourage people when they are becoming like Jesus. I encouraged us to say to people – that we see Jesus in them and how they act.

And yesterday proved one thing to me so clearly: that Jesus is within PEMC and shapes you.

Yesterday the church welcomed me and my family officially. We’ve already been welcomed into the family, and made to feel apart of it by so many but yesterday was more of the official welcome Sunday. As part of that welcome Krista and I were not only so surprised but so overwhelmed by the support of the church. And I think for the first time in Krista’s life she was made speechless. People gave gift cards, notes of encouragement, food, homemade preserves, and there was even a cake.

So I simply want to say to PEMC:

  • I see Jesus in the way you are generous;
  • I see Jesus in the way you care;
  • I see Jesus in the way you welcome
  • I see Jesus in how you are open and vulnerable;

In short, I see Jesus in you…

3 thoughts on “Following Leads to Becoming…

  1. Thanks for your ministry at PEMC. I am excited to have you on board. Sorry I was not there to welcome you to the church.

    2 of us from PEMC skipped church to do a neighbourhood act of kindness and be Jesus to a new neighbour. Thanks for believing in us and for being a cool pastor


  2. The welcome was great and as for the cool pastor – well that maybe has yet to be proven! Your home-made jam though was welcome enough! And I think its awesome what you did helping your neighbor. Following Jesus into the neighborhood does need to sometimes happen on a Sunday!


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