Where I Saw Jesus This Week…

Each week I’m going to be sharing at least one encounter, experience, or conversation that reminded me of Jesus. His presence and Kingdom is near to us all the time, so I want to simply share where I saw it. The practice of looking for Jesus’ presence in your week is valuable because sometimes you realize how he was a part of your week and you might not have noticed it.

Here is where I saw Jesus this week: in being served coffee.

I’ve been sharing with my friends and family what an amazing place Plattsville is. And I keep on sharing one story that for me is signficant and meaningful and as I’ve reflected on it I’ve realized it’s because I saw Jesus in this small, simple, but also gracious action.

My dad and I had a little ritual on Sunday’s and during work each day; I would bring him coffee. I did this because he couldn’t get to it easily himself, and often because he was interacting with people he wouldn’t be able to get to it. I always saw as a simple little way to help.

And this Sunday after the service I was talking with people, trying to connect, and listen and then I was brought a coffee. Sure it was a small act but as Mother Theresa says, “Do small things with great love” and that’s what happened. Someone special saw a way to show care, to support me, and to give. And because of that I saw Jesus in through being served coffee this week…

So thank you for caring…

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