Following Jesus Means Being Used By Jesus…

On Sunday I shared how God actually chooses to use you and me to accomplish his purposes. He actually wants to use you to impact others, to be apart of their transformation, and to meet others needs.

Lindsay earlier this week made a comment on the blog, that God uses us in all of our awkwardness and weakness. And that struck me. God actually wants to use you as you are even if you feel inadequate, or awkward, or unsure. God’s doesn’t feel at all inadequate, unsure, or awkward about using you and whatever gifts you have to further his work in the world.

This for me is the beauty of following Jesus. There is something beautiful in knowing that God acutally desires my partnership with him; God actually values me as I am now; God believes I can actually do good in this world; and God is inviting me to join in with something bigger than myself. And he desires the same thing for you…

God sees something in you worth sharing with others…

God is choosing you to be apart of his mission of love and life…because you have value to give…

The questions is do you believe that? And if so are you ready to step out? Because God is ready to direct you…

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