Soccer, Sausage, and a Theology of Place

Today I went out to the amazing little diner in Plattsville.

There I met with the owner, had some great breakfast, good coffee, and great conversation. When I left, the owner actually covered my meal as a welcome to the town. This is what’s called a blessing: something unexpected and meaningful.

Later on that day while walking past the diner, the owners was sitting outside and I stopped to say thanks again and we got to talking. It turns out he’s a huge soccer fan like myself. We both follow the same teams, and he actually played with some of my favorite players in a semi-pro league in Europe.

This got to me thinking about a theology of place. That God places in you in a location for a reason. And that there are people all around you – in your neighborhood, your family, your workplace who you can connect with in a unique way. What would be the chances that in a town such as Plattsville I would find someone as interested in Dutch soccer of the 70s? But maybe its not as quite a coincidence if its God who directs me here and directs my connections here.

My theological hunch is this – you are uniquely placed for a unique purpose with your own experiences, passions, and personality to impact your “place” whatever that may be.

So my question to you is this: why has God placed you where he has?

Maybe that’s worth spending some time praying and reflecting over…

I’ll be doing the same while watching some soccer…

2 thoughts on “Soccer, Sausage, and a Theology of Place

  1. Boy do I connect with this thought! There’s been so many times that God has put me in a spot with the odd collection of things rolling around in my head and my rambling experience and He’s totally used me in someone’s life!

    A wise person once reminded me shortly after one of these experiences, that I didn’t know that was going to happen, I didn’t know the impact I was having during the conversation and I likely won’t know the effect or that impact… but that’s ok, we just rejoice in how awesome God is and marvel at how he works.

    Open your eyes to this reality and be in awe today!


  2. I love the idea of just being in awe of God of how he works all these things together. C.S. Lewis once shared a deep thought that God speaks to us through our coincidences. And we should simply be listenining


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