People Shaping People…

Yesterday I was given the honor of preaching at Hanover Missionary church for their anniversary celebration.  Afterwards I had a few people come up to me and say how much I reminded them of my dad. How I have the same preaching style, mannerisms, and passion. To be honest anytime I’m compared to my dad it’s a compliment.

But it got me thinking about relationships and influence. People who you have close relationships influence and shape you for better or worse. Maybe you’ve seen this with friends, married couples, or your kids. Those who you invite to walk closely with you, will impact and change you. But relationships are a two way street. So those who you are walking closely with, you are also influencing. Whether or not you see it – your life is having an impact.

This is worth thinking about. Who are you shaping? Who is shaping you? And more than that I think this is worth acting on.

For me that means being intentional in the relationships I’m in; seeking to be a person of grace and love. And it also means appreciating those people who have impacted you and shaped you.

So on a dreary Monday why not let someone who has left and impact in your life know about this. Call them, email them, or message them saying your friendship has influenced and shaped me and here’s how.

For me personally, obviously that’s been my parents. But less obvious it has been all the wonderful people at Plattsville Church. You may not know it but you’ve shaped me. The first thing I thought when I walked into work today was: “I missed being here yesterday”. You have shaped me by welcoming me into your family, caring for me, and giving me a home here. Your care and love is shaping me.

Why not share that with someone today? Let someone else know that their love and care matter. The beauty of relationships is that they change us.

So let someone know of how they changed you, and maybe through that they might be changed as well…

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