2 thoughts on “Following in Fruit…

  1. Hi Andrew,once again thank you for allowing me to follow along at home.I am on the mend but had to give my immune system one more week to heal. I really appreciate your messgae as John 15 is my very favourite scripture. I love that Jesus tells us to bear fruit and to remain in Him, for me it is a guide for where I am and where I need to be in my walk with Jesus.Sometimes the tree in my life has been barren but other times not so much. This scripture always keeps reminding me to press on .The part of your sermon where you talked about leaving a legacy also spoke to me as in 1995 I wrote in the back of my bible the purpose of life was to Live,Love,Learn and Leave a legacy. I need to be reminded of things that are important to me as a mother ,grandmother and freind. And to share Jesus with those I love and and those I just have met to reach them for the kingdom. Thank you and I hope to be to in church this Sunday. Bev


  2. That’s beautiful phrase, “To Live, Love, Learn, and Leave a Legacy”. What a beautiful thought as well, any life that is fully lived, embraces love, continually learns, and leaves a legacy is a life worth living. Hope the healing continues and to see you Sunday!


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