Where I Saw Jesus This Week…

Earlier this week I got a text around 7:30 AM from a former youth of mine. In it she simply said how she was thinking of me, praying for me, and missed me.

It was a very simple and small thing to do.

But the amazing thing is that small things can leave a large impact. Mother Theresa famously said, “Do small things with great love”. Its amazing how doing a simple thing, with great love leaves a huge impact. Sometimes I think we focus on large gestures to much, rather than the beauty and impact of small everyday gestures from a text, a hug, a phone call, or a smile. Small actions with great love demonstrate Jesus. So what can you do today?

Maybe send a text, give a hug, or write a letter. But take a small action, and make it intentional. And show Jesus’ love to someone today.

Because that’s what an early morning text did for me…

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