How Do You Connect With God?…

On Sunday were going to be focusing on one key part of following Jesus: our relationship with him. If we are going to follow Jesus we need to have a strong, deep, and vibrant life with him. The question is, how do we do that? How do we ensure our relationship with him stays strong? How do we stop drifting apart?

In essence, on Sunday I want to share how to keep a strong connection with God.

Which leads me to my post for today. Take a moment and think and reflect in your own life: how do you connect with God?

What is it that’s apart of your life that helps you to stay grounded with him? What practices, rhythms, or acitivites do you do to connect with him? All of us are diverse; our personalities, preferences, and particulars differ. So the ways in which we connect with God as also diverse.

So my challenge for today is simply to do this. Take time and reflect on your life and how you intentionally connect with him.

  • What strengthens your relationship?
  • What gives it new depth and meaning?
  • What have you found helpful in keeping your connection strong?

And then if you can, comment, email me, or facebook me about how you connect with God.

Because your way of connecting maybe just the encouragement or inspiration for someone else…

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