2 thoughts on “Following in Grace…

  1. Wow Andrew, thank you for that message. I am home sick with pneumonia on my third round of antibiotics and have missed alot of your messgaes so I really appreciated hearing this. Thank you soo much for your honesty,your humility and the love you show for others. I am challenged by it,and have prayed to see others as Jesus does. We all need these challenges to strech us make us more like Him.Pray for my healing too. Thank you Bev Bell


  2. Wow thanks so much Bev for your encouragement! It means a lot to me. I find the best sermons are the ones that I feel challenged by when I’m writing, and sharing them. Then I know its really God whose speaking, not me. That’s how I felt about this sermon, that God was reminding me too – to never miss a chance to see people as he does. And I will be praying for healing to be with you quickly! Grace and Peace!


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