Where I Saw Jesus This Week…

So this week I saw Jesus in something I rarely see Jesus in…in Facebook.

This week earlier I posted on how relationships can create influence and change and that we should appreciate that. Because of that post, a young lady who was once involved in my former youth group messaged me about the influence I had on her life. Now, I haven’t seen this fun girl in a while, as she has grown up, and gone on to university, but I always look forward to seeing her when she’s back home. She was very vulnerable, open, and honest. She shared with me the impact that I had on her, even though I didn’t know or realize it.

And I saw Jesus in that message.

Because isn’t that something Jesus would do? Share openly and honestly about the good things he sees in you. About how your life is having an impact even if you didn’t know it. And here’s the thing through her sharing about her change, she changed me.

Her willingness to openly show love, gratitude, and grace changed me. It made my day more real, alive, and joyful. It reminded me that following Jesus is worthwhile. It reminded me that relationships are important and do leave an impact.

In short it reminded me of Jesus…

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