Finding God in a Blanket Fort…

Today I did something amazing. I made a blanket fort with my almost 2 year old son Hudson. He loved the fort, we sat in it forever. He would run in and out, bring in books, his ball popper, and anything else he could fit in there. He would snuggle in towards me and we’d read together.

It was probably one of the best days of my life.

It got me to thinking of a odd verse in the Bible, where it says, God will “cover you with his feathers; he will shelter you with his wings”.

But in all honesty I don’t know much about birds, wings, or feathers. I do know though an awful lot about blanket forts. So in my version of the Bible that verse would read: “And God will cover you with best blanket fort ever made, where you can feel safe, secure, and protected. Under those pillows and blankets you will find youself cared for, and close to the one who loves you”.

It might not be as poetic, but for me it might be just as meaningful.

So today I found God in a blanket fort. And I have a feeling that if Jesus were here in the flesh with me. He’d want to make a blanket fort with me for Hudson…

4 thoughts on “Finding God in a Blanket Fort…

  1. Great post. I made a blanket/fort/tent over my clothesline for my grandsons. We had a snack beneath the folds and now it a wondeful memory to cherish forever. Moments like this become the bedrock of happiness within children. I know…my grandmother made blanket forts for me.


  2. Thanks!! That’s so true that these things become the foundation for happiness, and that these memories last. My dad taught me to build blanket forts…so I’m teaching my son. These are some good lessons to pass along generation to generation. And probably even more important memories.


  3. God is good and cares for us and can remind us of this in the small things we do for others (especially the little ones). Cherish these days with Hudson – they are truly “the good old days” and someday will be one of the many special items in your treasure chest of memories!


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