What are you Hoping for?

This Sunday starts the season of Advent, and we’re focusing on hope. Hope is so prevelant in Christmas. Kids are hoping for a special gift, parents might be hoping to just get through Chrismas. We look forward to Jesus’ birth and how he brings us hope. All of these things are true and good.

But what I want to focus on today is – what are you hoping for?

Not in terms of material gifts, but in terms of you’re life. Is there a need in your life you’re hoping to be filled? Is there a desire that lingers, a prayer that needs to be answered, is there a darkness that needs to be lifted?

Advent is about anticipating, waiting and hoping for Jesus’ birth. Because with his birth comes new hope and new life. This Sunday were going to be focusing not on what hope is, but how Jesus wants to give you and me a hope that overflows.

So today what is it your hoping for this Christmas?

Spend sometime honestly sharing it with God. It can be hard to whisper those deep needs, for fear of being disappointed. But if the Christmas story is true, then it means that hope gets birthed in the most unexpected places and ways.

And it can happen to you today…

2 thoughts on “What are you Hoping for?

  1. Thanks for the reminder of Hope at this time of year! It reminds me that there are people who feel they can’t find the hope. Reminders like this can sometimes hold the Hope for people who feel they have lost it at this moment. When I couldn’t carry Hope in my whole being, I do believe God carried it in my heart. That is my prayer for others who are finding this season a struggle. May God hold Hope in your heart and may it start to grow once again.


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