The People of Hope

Yesterday we talked about hope. And after last night I realized something. So often our hope is based in things. For example that this thing will change, that we’ll get this thing, or that this thing will come about. Whether that “thing” is a job, a desire, a relationship, or whatever, true hope isn’t based in things.

True hope is based in a person, and in people.

True hope is based in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the reason we can have hope because he enters into our lives, meets with us wherever we are at, and promises no matter what we are going through we’ll never go through it alone.

True hope is also found in people; in a caring community that loves and supports. Last night I was at a Small Group where a few couples gathered to share, pray, and talk. And what I saw was honesty, openness, deep caring, love, a bit of crying, but true friendship. Hope is found there too, because when you care like that you are literally being Jesus Christ. Whenever this happens hope is found…

So whatever you are in the midst of needing or hoping for this season, don’t forget to find hope in Jesus Christ who walks with you. And also don’t forget to lean on those who surround you and who care for, find hope there as well.

And if you don’t have either of those things…well then I think this is the perfect time to find Jesus…and people who live like him too…

2 thoughts on “The People of Hope

  1. Thanks for being there last night. You are a man of wisdom. Thank you for helping us see a caring and loving God who brings hope.

    Great message on Sunday.


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