Finding Peace

Peace can be elusive can’t it. It seems to be with us one day and gone the next. We can have peace and get stuck at a stop light and it vanishes. We can be happy and peaceful and one phone call can derail us. We’re in a a great space and one mistimed comment, or conversation leads to deep agitation, doubt, and difficulty. Peace, at least in my life, seems to be transient and based on what happens, or doesn’t happen in my life.

But what if you could have lasting peace?

Peace that goes beyond what happens day to day, and is there as a constant? What might that feel like for you? How might that change your attitude, disposition, and enjoyment of life? Take a moment and imagine having a deep peace that permeates and invades every area of your life.

Isn’t that something worth finding this Christmas?

But here’s the catch, you can only have that type of peace if you stop seraching for some “thing”. Because peace isn’t a “thing” to be found at all. Peace is a person to be encountered, a relationship to be nurtured, and a life to be joined.

That’s what we’re exploring this coming Sunday. The person of peace found in Jesus Christ. Because Jesus doesn’t bring peace, Jesus Christ is peace. And that subtle change makes all the difference.

And so this Sunday and this week, make finding Jesus the focus rather than “peace”. And my guess is that when you start finding Jesus, and truly experiencing and hearing from him…peace is never far behind…

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