Finding God in a Soup Catastrophe

My son Hudson is wonderful. He is fun, smart, funny, and gets excited easily. Hudson also loves soup. So I made homemade soup for him. And he got so excited…that…this happened:

He got this huge smile while eating the soup, was so excited that he took the bowl and raised it above his head. But the bowl tipped and went all over him, where he yelled out – “Oh no!”

So how did I see God in this?

Well in a simple but beautiful way. For Hudson so much of life is filled with wonder, excitement, and is a gift. Soup is a gift. Soup is exciting. Soup is wonder-full. Hudson seems to be able to appreciate so much of his life. And that’s where I see God. When you can appreciate that life is a gift, life is exciting, and life is full of wonder then you find God.

This is what the Psalmist I believe sees when he talks about God creating the skies, the stars, and creation. That God is found when you stop in wonder. God is found when you appreciate the gift of life you’ve been given.

God can even be found in soup…

You find God hidden in everyday moments when you appreciate the little gifts you are given, the wonder of friendship, and beauty of life. For Hudson this means finding God in cheeseburger soup. For me I see God in Hudson. Covered with soup or not, he is a gift, makes me stop in wonder, and appreciate life. The Psalmist ends Psalm 8 with, “Oh God, our God, you are a part of the whole world”. He’s even a part of soup catastrophes.

So I saw Jesus in soup, my son, and everyday living.

Where did you see him this week?

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