Where I Saw Jesus This Week…

I’m not great with grammar. I write to quickly, and I write like I talk. With odd sentences, spaces, and pauses.

But there is one person in my office who helps me with this. She has a great red pen that she uses to mark up all that I write and create. She makes sure my ideas come out clearly.

This post is about her, because this week I saw Jesus in her. Genesis 2 says that we are made in God’s image which means we each have the potential to reveal God to others. This week she did that for me. She was so caring noticing and coming up with ways to care for people. She was very giving of her time. And even though we are both kind of quite, she often makes me laugh and smile. This reminds me of Jesus, and it should.

Jesus notices people. Jesus cares for people. Jesus gives, and often being with Jesus leaves us smiling and laughing.

So my friend and co-worker reflects Jesus to me in a natural and easy way. What about you?

Who in your life consistenly reminds you of Jesus? Who helps you to see and find Jesus? Think of someone and then let them know. Let them know that you see God in them. So Florence this post is for you!

But who in your life reminds you of Jesus?

Share with us here, but more importantly share that with them…today…

P.S. Please also excuse all grammar and spelling mistakes. I had to do this post on my own as a little surprise!

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