Monday Morning Pick Me Up

So today I came to work tired, and a bit drained. We had 3 Christmas dinners yesterday, and then we stayed up late talking and hanging out with my mom. All good things, but this morning I’m dragging a bit.

So Dave – the awesome youth pastor at our church- notices this and writes this blog post:

It made me laugh out loud multiple times, and made my Monday morning a little bit brighter.

So if you have some time read his funny top ten list, and then why not do the same for someone else? Write about their quirks, who they are, and why they matter. Send it to them in a blog post, an email, or post it on their Facebook wall.

Why not brighten someone’s Monday during this Christmas season. Isn’t that what Christmas is about anyway – spreading love, joy, and happiness? While it might take a little time – trust me it’ll be worth the effort.

I know this because it changed my Monday.

So why not go and change someone else’s…

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Pick Me Up

  1. I read the youth blog earlier this morning too Pastor Andrew! So glad you have a cheerleader like that!

    My turn.

    There are so many people in our church that bring me much joy and encouragement. And I hope this can be a Monday pick me up for them too!

    Keith Einwechter. I appreciate so much that without fail, every Sunday that I have been at church for the past 2 decades, I get approached. I don’t go looking for the hug and smile. He just knows. And gives. So, thank you Keith. Thank you for letting me know you care, no matter how busy or distracted I may appear on a Sunday am.

    Neil Baker. A everflowing well of encouragement to me and my gifts. And a man who always makes me smile when he comments at my single status and that all the men these days must be nuts to pass me by!

    My youth student leadership team. I love watching you grow and change and learn more of what it means to serve and lead.

    Stephanie Stephens. For being the best hugger in the world. Your tender spirit and enormous heart to help and serve truly inspire me.

    Kathy Maier. I am reminded weekly of what it means to truly give all of yourself when I recollect the Sunday school days of the past, knowing you continued to follow us up through all of grade school to continue to be an influence in out lives. And now that looks different with mission committees, serving coffee and decorating. But influential nonetheless.

    Doug and Tracy Smith. For being vivid examples of what it means to be faithful in prayer and deed. Thank you.

    That’s all the time my break will allow. So, for now, may these be blessed.
    Have a great week!


    1. Lindsay that’s awesome. Its so cool to see how people influence, shape us, and change us. And I’ll make sure that everyone here knows the wonderful things you’ve wrote about them. Anyone else want to bless others?


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