Mother’s Day = No Preaching for Andrew

I love to preach. I really enjoy it. I think about it plan it out and try to do my best.

But this week I get a break. Because this week another Mills’ is preaching for Mother’s Day ~ my wife Krista.

So this week I got to see her try to put together a sermon, a teaching, or a talk. I got to see her struggle a bit and realize that it isn’t easy to do each and every week. The best part was when she was struggling to find a verse and asked me. I immediatley answered and told her the chapter and verse. She was initally shocked and then said “oh right of course you’d know – you read the Bible for a living.” Not quite true but a funny comment nevertheless.

The reason I’m looking forward to Sunday so much is because I get to see my wife speak. But even more than that the Bible is clear that God is speaking to each of us. God is teaching each of us, and a part of all of our lives. So the real reason I’m excited for Sunday is to learn. I’m excited to see what being a mother has taught Krista about God, because I want to grow through her expereince. That’s what being a part of a community is about growing not only together but through each other as well. So on Sunday we’ll be growing togehter through my wife’s teaching on teh God who is a part of all our lives.

And so if you come on Sunday please be sure to do one thing for me. Please smile lots because Krista’s a bit nervous…but she doesn’t have need to be. Speaking’s part of our family…

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