The Waiting isn’t Wasted ~ Plan, Pray, and Prepare

On Sunday we talked about chasing after God’s vision for our lives. We shared that a meaningful life, is a life lived in God’s way. That meaning comes through the life that God has for us.

So we tackled how do you start to live this way? That if God gives you a passion, a vision, or a burden to make a difference – how do you start to follow it?

Well, the odd answer found in Nehemiah is to wait.

Nehemiah is given an amazing vision from God and then does something unique. He waits before moving on it (Neh. 2:1). But what we discovered is that in the waiting time he wasn’t idle, he wasn’t passive and he wasn’t simply reluctant to get going. He was praying, he was planning, and he was preparing for the right moment to step out.

The temptation is to rush forward, or to give up on the vision God has given us in the waiting time. Nehemiah though, doesn’t rush forward or give up, instead he prays, plans and prepares. Nehemiah believes that while he is waiting, God is orchestrating things. Nehemiah knows the timing needs to not be“right”, but God’s timing, before he moves forward. So he waits for God to open the door and then courageously walks through it.

Andy Stanley writes, “A vision rarely requires immediate action. It always requires patience”

So my challenge was this: if you are in the waiting time, are you using it well? Are you planning, preparing and praying? Because God’s path for you to make a difference won’t open until you’re ready. So trust that God is orchestrating things, but also prepare and pray.

Because the message of the gospel is that nothing in our lives is wasted. Even the waiting time isn’t wasted, and God wants to use it to ready you to make a difference…

2 thoughts on “The Waiting isn’t Wasted ~ Plan, Pray, and Prepare

  1. It is uncanny, the way God sends messages. In the past 24 hours I have decided I don’t like waiting any more. Well, truthfully, I never really did like it, but I was okay with it. Content, I suppose. Now I’m done waiting. (On the feeling level, that is. Because I’m still waiting in the reality of things.) I think it is harder to wait in the middle of the vision, than it was before the vision came to life at all… back when it was just a romantic notion that God had indeed called me to something. As it grows, changes shape, and develops into a bigger vision than originally anticipated, the waiting is, for me, much harder. So your message couldn’t be more timely. And I will wait, and try to maximize the waiting period through prayer and preparation. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Your right it is easier when it is a romantic notion, and the waiting is hard. But its worthwhile. So its great that God used this in his timing. Isn’t that like him just when we want to stop waiting, he sends a little reminder that he is still working behind the scenes.


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