Comparison is a Killer

Donor-Management-Software-ComparisonOn Sunday we are going to be exploring a temptation that I think we all face that wrecks and ruins relationships. And it’s this: comparison.

The truth is comparison kills. Comparison kills relationships, friendships, our identity’s, our security, our hope, and our happiness. But rather than rooting out comparison we seek to win at comparison. We try to make sure our kids are just a bit better than those around us; that our careers are just a bit better than our friends; that our marriages, vacations, finances, cars, houses, whatever, are just a bit above those around us – so we feel like we are succeeding. As long as our Facebook, and Instagram feeds are a constant highlight real we feel secure.

On Sunday though we are going to look at where this type of living leads. And it is the common way of living. We want to make sure that we matter by evaluating ourselves in relation to everyone else. We measure our standing against those around us. But this doesn’t get us anywhere. It just makes us frantic, driven, and insecure.

So that’s where we are going on Sunday. But before we get there let me ask you a question that I think will free your life. Is there any area of your life where comparison is driving it forward?

Is comparison and competing driving your work life? Is it driving your parenting? It is driving your spending? Is there any area where comparison is driving your life forward?

I think this is a question worth reflecting on, because wherever comparison is controlling, difficulty isn’t far behind. So are there any areas in your life where comparison rather than contentment is the guiding force?

And if so, come Sunday we’re going to look at a different way to live.

2 thoughts on “Comparison is a Killer

  1. Good for you Andrew! I have said that the definition of fb should be ” the life you want others to think you have”. It is sad that people use their fb as a measuring stick for how good their life is!


    1. Thanks so much Jen – and I totally agree about Facebook – its used so much as a comparison thing, and it becomes so unhealthy


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