Delivering Movies and Doing It Right

10562975_10154540150185643_1634620271199633372_nMy kids aren’t perfect…by any means. Just come spend a day with us, and you’ll see. Actually, just come spend an hour and you’ll probably see that. We’re not perfect parents by any means. We love our kids, and do our best – but sometimes it doesn’t seem to work. Asher and Hudson fight, Asher refuses to eat and screams, Hudson refuses to share and throws his toys, or like any parents the kids have a meltdown in a grocery store.

I have a theory that if our kids are going to meltdown and lose it…there is always someone else around to see it.

But all that aside, sometimes my boys get it right. And when they do it absolutely makes all the timeouts, all the talks, all the time spent with them just so worth it.

The other day our neighbor was sick, like really sick with a fever so he couldn’t play with Hudson. So we went back home, and Hudson disappeared for 30-45 minutes. He was quiet up in his room…too quiet. This is normally when we’d go and and discover that he painted his room, or he painted his brother or something.

But instead, what we discovered was he was making cards, getting his favorite toys together, and his favorite movies into a bag. And he came and said that all of this was for his neighbor friend. I asked him why he did this and he said, “Because Daddy, when people are sick we help them. That’s what you said right? Did I do it right daddy?”

And of course your heart breaks a little bit with happiness, and you say “Of course you did it right – let’s go give it to him”

So I write all this to say one thing. No ones perfect, and there are moments when we fail and screw up as parents. But there are also beautiful moments where they grow, get it, and so surprise you that it just makes it all worth it.

4 thoughts on “Delivering Movies and Doing It Right

  1. WOW !!! Very touching story BLESS his BIG heart !!
    When we think they don’t get it….. We see the sweet resolves !!!
    Go Hudson Go Great job !!!
    Love it !!!
    Tk U for sharing !!!

    Sent from Sharron’s iPhone


    1. Thanks Sharon! You’re so right when we don’t think they get it – we get to see the sweet results which is wonderful. I’m just grateful that God is speaking to him!


  2. Hi Pastor Andrew,
    What a great post!
    Part of being a great leader is being willing to be real and live your life before others as you are. I love Phil 1:6 ” being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
    Andrew, thanks for being real for that is relatable to the many.
    What a great true story about your son.
    I love kids because they are so real and show their growth through actions of love towards others. So often it seems when teaching kids and youth of all ages that they may not be listening.
    But in many cases they are watching and listening to all around them.
    They learn by those around them and that will mold their life, and their belief system.
    Sounds like you are great parents with wonderful examples for your family to see, and that is a great beam of light in a broken world. Keep up your amazing parental leadership!
    About changing lives


    1. Thanks so much Barry for all your encouragement. Your so right about how kids are watching and listening more than we often think, and I’m just excited about the moments where things connect. Thanks again – hope your week is going amazing!!


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