“Dad’s Just Preaching I Can Interrupt Him”

13179199_10156831166310328_6941693770211141572_nSo on Sunday our amazing Family Pastor Gen Epp, was teaching my oldest son Hudson in Sunday School. He’s 6 and thinks he’s 16. And at one point he yelled out, “Gen stop the class…I have to go tell my dad something right now.” Gen, because she is wise, and has kids, shared with Hudson, “Right now probably isn’t the best time, if you can wait five minutes, because your dad is preaching in front of everyone right now.” Hudson’s response was this, “That’s okay he won’t mind if I interrupt him, he’ll talk with me.”

And while if I’m honest, I would totally mind if he interrupted me when I was preaching to ask me about Lego (which is what he wanted to discuss). But his response did get me to thinking – Hudson feels I’m accessible to him. And while he might think I’m a little too accessible, I think that this is a good thing, and here is why.

What Hudson showed on Sunday was that he feels he is more important to me than my job. And this is incredibly important because Hudson is more important to me than my job.

The point is that sometimes our everyday actions demonstrate the opposite to those who love us. We check emails during family supper, we field work phone calls out on a date, or rather than being present with our kids are thinking about our to-do lists etc. The point is while many of us would agree family matters more than work, it isn’t shown or communicated.

So while clearly Hudson talking to me about Lego when I’m preaching, is not helpful. What I am happy about is: that in his little heart he feels and knows that he matters most to me. And that got me excited.

So today why not prove that to the people you love the most. Why not show them that they a matter deeply to you. Maybe you’ll just put away your phone, send some flowers, give them some attention ~ but what Hudson taught me on Sunday is showing your family that they matter is a habit that matters.

2 thoughts on ““Dad’s Just Preaching I Can Interrupt Him”

  1. I couldn’t help but think our Father is never too busy to hear us, nor is anything to trivial to matter to Him if it matters to his children. His capacity for attention is infinite – while ours in contrast is so limited by our humanity.
    But how wonderful if we would be a confident as Hudson and be sure our Father will hear us.


    1. I think that’s beautiful and so so true!!! What if we actually took that verse seriously that says we can go boldly into his presence. That’s certainly what Hudson was doing last Sunday 🙂 and how we should be with our Father


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