Taking the Next Step

next-stepToday, I want to talk a little bit about your leadership. That’s right, your leadership, because I bet you have some…and maybe more than you think. It might be at work, in church, in the community, or even in your family (because if you’re a parent, you’re a leader).

So, I want to talk about leadership, not because I’m a great leader, but because I’m learning about what being a great leader is about and, in many ways, it’s actually about risking what you have for the future. Let me unpack that.

As a leader, the greatest and hardest kind of fear to overcome is risking what you have for what could be. In many ways, it’s easier to launch something from scratch, than to risk losing what you have for an uncertain future. So, what often happens is people settle – they accept the status quo, and they don’t push forward and rock the boat because it’s easier to accept what you have than to risk it for something even greater.

But, I write all this because I believe you shouldn’t settle and you should push forward. I believe that in whatever area you are leading, settling isn’t the right response. I actually believe that what you will regret is not so much failing, but rather not trying. And, I know it can be hard to risk what you have for the future – to rock the boat a bit or make some real life changes. I just believe it’s worth it.

Let me give you a few examples of what I’m talking about:

  • I think it’s worth the risk to push for an amazing marriage by really serving and sacrificing for the other person, than to settle for just getting by.
  • I think it’s worth the risk to really seek to lead your family spiritually, than to settle for hope that going to church will be enough.
  • I think it’s really worth the risk of cutting down your work hours in order to invest in your kids.
  • I think it’s really worth the risk to try a new initiative in order to move forward in your business or ministry, even if you might not make it.

Because, the truth is, we often listen to fear that continually says, “What if you lose what you have?” I would rather have you listen to hope that says, “What if you do make it? What if that change does work? What if it’s really worth it?

Because, I sincerely believe that the best decisions come not from listening to fear, but to hope. And, I believe you are probably leading in some place, so what if you listen to hope and really take a leap of faith? Because, all I know, is that settling has never led to a life full of meaning, and I think that’s what we are after.

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