Where I Saw Jesus This Week

This week a friend of mine took me out for breakfast.

This in and of itself may not be a big deal. But it was a big deal for us and our friendship.

Many months ago we started meeting for breakfast. And things in his life weren’t great to say the least. He was stuck in a cycle of addiction, unhealthy relationships, debt, difficulty, and not wanting to go on.

But I believe people can change. Jesus believes people can change. Jesus believes that what defines us is not our past, but the future he has for us.

So around coffee, eggs, and polish sausage I found Jesus. Because my friend has taken the incredibly hard steps to change. He’s overcoming addiction, finishing off school, stopped unhealthy relationships, and took me out for breakfast. He’s living change. And that reminded me of Jesus.

So this week don’t stop believing that people can change. It might seem like a long time coming, but when it does, why not celebrate and go out for breakfast…

Where I Saw Jesus This Week…

Yesterday driving home I was thinking about how much I didn’t want to shovel the driveway.

Normally I enjoy it. But I wasn’t in the right mood. I wanted to go get Hudson so we could play, and hang out before I had to go out later that evening. So I was really almost dreading shovelling the driveway.

And then I get there and get ready to pull in – and someone has already done it!

A neighbor, a friend, or someone else shovelled my driveway and made my day. I haven’t found out who yet, but for me they were a lot a like Jesus. Blessing me when I wasn’t expecting it…changing my mood and attitude when I needed it…giving me more time with my family…and showing love and caring in a practical and real way.

So that’s where I saw Jesus this week…what about you where did you find him?

Where I Saw Jesus this Week…

I know as a profession pastors tend to read into things. We say things like – “that parking spot was from the Lord”. I’ve heard those stories, you’ve probably heard those stories, and I’ve actually shared some of those stories. And today’s post might be a bit like that. But I’m okay with it. And at the risk of reading too much into something, here is where I saw Jesus this week.

I saw Jesus in saying grace around our dinner table.

I have started to notice something in my little boy Hudson, who is almost two. He is normally very busy, running, jumping, and oh so much climbing. We can barely get him to sit, and he doesn’t like being cuddled. He is too independent and wants to run.

But all of this changes when we say it’s time to say grace. We, as our little family of 3, hold hands and pray. And his eyes light up, he’s quiet, he smiles through the whole thing, and often at the end claps or sometimes says goodbye. Maybe he thinks prayer is like the phone where you hang up. It is a special moment in our house.

And I know some people out there might point out that he gets excited because he knows he’s going to get to eat. And that it’s simply a conditioned response to being able to have food…Perhaps…But maybe there is more to it, and maybe, just maybe, that parking spot is from God.

I know you can see this little grace routine differently. But for me I can’t help but see Jesus in it, as Hudson lights up, claps, holds our hands, and says bye bye at the end. So I found Jesus in grace with my Son…where did you find him this week?

Where I Saw Jesus This Week…

In general I think New Year’s Eve is very anti-climatic. You get together with people early in the night and then wait and try to have fun until the ball drops. Then you cheer for a few seconds, and kind of look at each other. Most of my New Year’s have been like this. Except for the past two.

The past two years I’ve gotten together with friends and we go from house to house eating. Each person tries to create some food that is better than what they cooked before. We get dressed up have great food, and great conversation. And some people outdo themselves with awesome decorations. Look at this table set for dessert, which was home-made ice cream and a traditional mexican cookie with dulce de leche in the centre. And yes it tasted as good as it sounds…

So how did I see Jesus in all of this? Well its pretty simple eating, laughing, talking, and spending time together is a taste of the Kingdom of God. Jesus is clear in Luke 14, that the Kingdom of God is like a party. In fact when he talks about the Kingdom he often says its like a feast, a wedding, or in essence a great get together. Jesus is often found eating, relaxing, and being with others around a table (Matt. 9:10; Mark 2:15). So if back then Jesus was often found around a mixed table with friends, food, and fun why would he not be found there now?

So on New Year’s I sensed God around a table filled with food and friends. I saw Jesus in our conversation, our fun, and our willingness for one night to simply enjoy each other’s company.

So the next time you’re having a good meal with good friends watch for Jesus being there…because my guess is that Jesus loves good food and conversation as much as you do…

Where I Saw Jesus This Week…

I’m not great with grammar. I write to quickly, and I write like I talk. With odd sentences, spaces, and pauses.

But there is one person in my office who helps me with this. She has a great red pen that she uses to mark up all that I write and create. She makes sure my ideas come out clearly.

This post is about her, because this week I saw Jesus in her. Genesis 2 says that we are made in God’s image which means we each have the potential to reveal God to others. This week she did that for me. She was so caring noticing and coming up with ways to care for people. She was very giving of her time. And even though we are both kind of quite, she often makes me laugh and smile. This reminds me of Jesus, and it should.

Jesus notices people. Jesus cares for people. Jesus gives, and often being with Jesus leaves us smiling and laughing.

So my friend and co-worker reflects Jesus to me in a natural and easy way. What about you?

Who in your life consistenly reminds you of Jesus? Who helps you to see and find Jesus? Think of someone and then let them know. Let them know that you see God in them. So Florence this post is for you!

But who in your life reminds you of Jesus?

Share with us here, but more importantly share that with them…today…

P.S. Please also excuse all grammar and spelling mistakes. I had to do this post on my own as a little surprise!

Hope, Humanity, and Haircuts

Some people are simply put, beautiful people. They are warm, caring, funny, quirky, insightful, and when you are around them you smile. It’s as if something about them seems alive, and gives you life too. Or better put some people pull good things out of you: good stories, good conversations, good connections, and a good time.

My hairdresser is one of these people. She is awesome. Not only can she cut hair, which she does amazingly, but the whole time is fun. I feel better for having seen her and talked with her. For most appointments I have whether its the bank, dentist, or optometrist I have a sense of apprehension. I don’t like going, I delay it and put it off. She’s different, and I actually like getting my hair cut.

The bible says that we’re all made in God’s image. That humanity has been marked by God, and that everyone has the chance to reveal God. Some people do this through their everyday simple interactions, in how they laugh, care, and smile. I see this a lot in my hairdresser, and its easy to see.

The question is do people see God in you?

Are you someone who gives life to others, who through grace pulls good things out of them, who makes people feel better for having known and connected with you? Do you reveal the God who is about love, life, and grace to others? And maybe it’s not hard to do if we’re just intentional. We’re already made in his image, we just need to decide to reveal it.

So today reveal God’s image, and person by how you act. Show grace, love, and life to others.

And maybe go get your hair cut…

Finding God in a Soup Catastrophe

My son Hudson is wonderful. He is fun, smart, funny, and gets excited easily. Hudson also loves soup. So I made homemade soup for him. And he got so excited…that…this happened:

He got this huge smile while eating the soup, was so excited that he took the bowl and raised it above his head. But the bowl tipped and went all over him, where he yelled out – “Oh no!”

So how did I see God in this?

Well in a simple but beautiful way. For Hudson so much of life is filled with wonder, excitement, and is a gift. Soup is a gift. Soup is exciting. Soup is wonder-full. Hudson seems to be able to appreciate so much of his life. And that’s where I see God. When you can appreciate that life is a gift, life is exciting, and life is full of wonder then you find God.

This is what the Psalmist I believe sees when he talks about God creating the skies, the stars, and creation. That God is found when you stop in wonder. God is found when you appreciate the gift of life you’ve been given.

God can even be found in soup…

You find God hidden in everyday moments when you appreciate the little gifts you are given, the wonder of friendship, and beauty of life. For Hudson this means finding God in cheeseburger soup. For me I see God in Hudson. Covered with soup or not, he is a gift, makes me stop in wonder, and appreciate life. The Psalmist ends Psalm 8 with, “Oh God, our God, you are a part of the whole world”. He’s even a part of soup catastrophes.

So I saw Jesus in soup, my son, and everyday living.

Where did you see him this week?

Finding God in a Blanket Fort…

Today I did something amazing. I made a blanket fort with my almost 2 year old son Hudson. He loved the fort, we sat in it forever. He would run in and out, bring in books, his ball popper, and anything else he could fit in there. He would snuggle in towards me and we’d read together.

It was probably one of the best days of my life.

It got me to thinking of a odd verse in the Bible, where it says, God will “cover you with his feathers; he will shelter you with his wings”.

But in all honesty I don’t know much about birds, wings, or feathers. I do know though an awful lot about blanket forts. So in my version of the Bible that verse would read: “And God will cover you with best blanket fort ever made, where you can feel safe, secure, and protected. Under those pillows and blankets you will find youself cared for, and close to the one who loves you”.

It might not be as poetic, but for me it might be just as meaningful.

So today I found God in a blanket fort. And I have a feeling that if Jesus were here in the flesh with me. He’d want to make a blanket fort with me for Hudson…

Where I Saw Jesus This Week…

Earlier this week I got a text around 7:30 AM from a former youth of mine. In it she simply said how she was thinking of me, praying for me, and missed me.

It was a very simple and small thing to do.

But the amazing thing is that small things can leave a large impact. Mother Theresa famously said, “Do small things with great love”. Its amazing how doing a simple thing, with great love leaves a huge impact. Sometimes I think we focus on large gestures to much, rather than the beauty and impact of small everyday gestures from a text, a hug, a phone call, or a smile. Small actions with great love demonstrate Jesus. So what can you do today?

Maybe send a text, give a hug, or write a letter. But take a small action, and make it intentional. And show Jesus’ love to someone today.

Because that’s what an early morning text did for me…

Where I Saw Jesus This Week…

So this week I saw Jesus in something I rarely see Jesus in…in Facebook.

This week earlier I posted on how relationships can create influence and change and that we should appreciate that. Because of that post, a young lady who was once involved in my former youth group messaged me about the influence I had on her life. Now, I haven’t seen this fun girl in a while, as she has grown up, and gone on to university, but I always look forward to seeing her when she’s back home. She was very vulnerable, open, and honest. She shared with me the impact that I had on her, even though I didn’t know or realize it.

And I saw Jesus in that message.

Because isn’t that something Jesus would do? Share openly and honestly about the good things he sees in you. About how your life is having an impact even if you didn’t know it. And here’s the thing through her sharing about her change, she changed me.

Her willingness to openly show love, gratitude, and grace changed me. It made my day more real, alive, and joyful. It reminded me that following Jesus is worthwhile. It reminded me that relationships are important and do leave an impact.

In short it reminded me of Jesus…